7 Reasons why Jack & Rose are one of the Greatest Love Stories of All Time

1) Their story encompasses all elements of a perfect romance. Jacks sees Rose from afar, knows he can’t have her (You’re as likely to have angels fly out your arse as to get next to the likes of her). Rose is initially annoyed by Leo (This is my part of the ship! You leave!) They then fall headfirst into a forbidden, whirlwind romance (Mother looked at him as if he were a dangerous insect that must be squashed quickly; Your exertions below decks were no doubt exhausting). They fight (you’re so stupid, Rose!) They make up (I’ll never let go) Their love spans lifetimes (I’ll meet you at the clock…. when I’m a hundred and one).

2) Jack is a true renaissance man. He’s an artist, a rambling man, a free spirit. He is very well-educated in the climatology of arctic waters. He can ride a horse, he’s a great spitter, and he’s a phenomenal dancer. He also apparently understands the intricate workings of a large ship and knows exactly the way in which one would sink to the bottom of an ocean. I mean, c’mon, he knew there would be suction? The man’s a keeper.

3) They trusted each other completely. Which stems from the fact that they were literally madly in love. Because seriously only a crazy person would allow Rose-can’t-hold-an-ax-properly to hack into a two inch wide chain between his hands.

4) They transformed grave robber Brock “Treasure-Hungry” Lovett into a pensive gentleman with a soul. Just the memory of their love caused him to forget about the billion dollar necklace he had dedicated his life to and consequently inspired him to jump into a tugboat with Rose’s granddaughter (because we all know that’s what happened next).

5) They were the inspiration for “My Heart Will Go On.” Celine said it best.

6) No matter how many times we watch, we always think they will survive. Nobody wants young love to die. Especially after day one. As much as I hate to admit this, everybody has a little bit of eternal optimism in them. We talk about how stupid it was that he didn’t get on the damn door and debate the ways he could have fit, yet we watch it over and over again. It’s also why most of us turn the DVD player off after they hit the iceberg. Because we’d rather just remain in a state of denial where Jack & Rose hang off the front of the ship forever instead of freezing in the Atlantic.

7) This.