My favorite part of the the day is still lunch

It’s so easy to get out of the groove of blogging… I haven’t been posting any recipes lately, but I’ve sure been cooking a ton. We meal plan and prep pretty much as often as humanly possible. It makes us feel better both physically and financially, and I honestly just love being in the kitchen.

One thing I’ve realized in the past year is that I’m 27 years old and my favorite part of the day is still lunch. My favorite go-to lately had been making Asian inspired rice bowls. The best part about these bowls is that you can really throw in whatever you have on hand and they can be completely customized. If your favorite fast casual restaurant style is Chipotle, or really anything bowl-related, then keep going for this recipe, which is really more of a guideline.

My staple veggies are almost always some combination of: zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, bok choy, snap peas, cabbage, and thinly sliced radishes that are soaked in vinegar and fresh ginger. 

For the meat, I’ve done meatballs (more ambitious) or just ground pork with a sauce (less ambitious). I like making mini meatballs with either chicken or turkey. Just be sure to use egg, bread crumbs, and some sort of sauce to keep them flavorful and moist.I usually form the meatballs and cook on 350 for about 20ish minutes.

We almost always have Hoisin in the fridge, so I’ll throw that into the meatball mixture, or just cook it into the ground meat mixture and it’s super flavorful. I’ve also been experimenting with Gochujang sauce lately and am loving it because it adds the best kind of heat.

For prep, I usually just cook everything separately and then construct the bowls as they would at Chipotle. Brown rice, white rice, choose your veg + protein, and then throw on a garnish if I have them (sesame seeds, scallions, sriracha for the fiancé, etc.).

Pro tip: I like making white rice, but adding some fresh ginger and a sprinkle of turmeric. The colors once the entire bowl is together are incredible and all of the flavors just pop.

These bowls are great for meal prep because they are pretty inexpensive, they’re easy to make, and they freeze really well. Plus, it reminds me of the day after Thanksgiving when you just open the fridge, pile everything onto a base of mashed potatoes, and revel in the greatness of cooking. Is that just me? Oh, well.