note to reader: this post contains no complaining

Note: this post has been migrated from my former blog “Parliamo dell’Italia – una ragazza fortunata a Perugia.”

I have failed to write these past few weeks because my life has been so …. normal. Yes, I am in a foreign country, speaking a different language, learning a new culture, but everything just seems so familiar now.

I have 5 wonderful roommates and we have a big, gorgeous apartment with a huge kitchen (where I have been happily cooking non-stop). We have water pressure and hot water … we really couldn’t ask for more.

I am taking 4 classes, 4 days a week (it’s just like being at DU!). Italian, Art History: Michelangelo, the study of life at Pompeii & Herculaneum, & an independent study in which I do a ton of readings in Italian and then talk about them one on one with a professor here. Being the nerd I am, I am loving being back in class, learning, studying, and having a routine every day.

I have learned how to survive without internet … we don’t have it except for at school & I have come to realize that sitting around the kitchen table, talking with my roommates every night is a way better waste of time than stalking (though I still find time to do this, don’t worry).

Perugia itself is beautiful and I love it here. The town is just gorgeous and every time you turn a corner you think you might stumble upon a castle or some other epic part of history.

I am very content here & so glad that this is where I am able to spend my last few months in Italy.

Oh, and the sun has been out almost every day since my last post : )

See how boring it is when I am happy?


welcome to Perugia

Note: this post has been migrated from my former blog “Parliamo dell’Italia – una ragazza fortunata a Perugia.”

I have to be honest — Perugia, you have welcomed me less than ideally. However, the brand new, Italian, sometimes happy Sarah DeNapoli has decided to address this nicely.

Just kidding.

The rain. Oh, the rain. Hi, Perugia, do you never want to see the sun’s wonderful face shining down on your beauty? Even for a second? Do you prefer to have constant puddles that I always seem to step in & consequently curse the second I opted not to bring my $15 Costco rain boots? I don’t mind the rain, especially at night when I enjoy listening while trying to fall asleep in my little tomb of a temporary apartment. But all day, every day? Seriously Perugia? I just want to go outside and not be wet. And I really wanna see some blue skies over those beautiful, Umbrian hills that I know the fog is hiding.

Secondly, horse meat. Ok, this one could go out to Italy in general. But it was here, in Perugia, that I was so unknowingly tricked into eating some sort of delicious looking kebab stuffed full of a mystery meat. Do I need to elaborate? It’s not okay to eat horses Italy. And news flash — they don’t even taste good.

Ok, Perugia, here’s a statement for you: It’s January. It is January. So why, WHY, are there still mosquitos here??? When all I want to do is let in some natural, fog-rain light through my window and maybe get a little fresh air instead of breathing in old apartment smells, I cannot. The other night I discovered 10, count them, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, mosquito bites around my wrists, ankles, and neck – all the places not preciously covered to protect me from these venomous creatures. I don’t understand Perugia … I am a sweet girl of a mosquito magnet and you are taking advantage.

And finally, Perugia, you have been the place where I witnessed the appalling, horrendous, extraordinary thing that was the Broncos Breakdown. It was in a little apartment tucked into one of your streets that I watched as the prodigy of the Sith Lord ripped apart my team one non-ex-Patriot player at a time; as he benched a player for saying what everyone else is thinking. It was here that I saw my fantasies of Bowlen, crawling on his hands & knees, begging Shanny back to my beloved team, shot down as I read Redskins news on via your Perugian wireless internet. I was with you, Perugia, when I gave in to the realization that I am going to be stuck with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named for a very long time.

Perugia, we both know I’m going to love it here. So why not let go of the tough love welcome? Invite Mr. Sunshine out for a caffe, frost-kill the mosquitos, switch over to chicken, & please, I beg you, offer me so much fun that I forget about the existence of Mr. Josh McDaniels.

Un bacio, Perugia, can’t wait to see what you’re going to offer me these next 4 months : )