comfort foods

After deliberating for most of the night (thanks, Mom / Cooking Light for the pain and inspiration), I have finally compiled my top ten list of comfort foods. It was harder than expected, but brought back some awesome memories. As a self-proclaimed “foodie,” these may not be the most amazing dishes I have ever tried (next blog?), but they mean something. And I could probably live off of them.

1) Mom’s mashed potatoes. A staple at every family holiday and they are perfect in every way.

2) Panzerotti from Gina’s in Mola di Bari, Italy. They’re kind of like fried pizza pockets, but better. They can also be stuffed with ricotta and cinnamon. So they’re a win-win sweet & savory situation.

3) Fried Dumplings. There’s never really a time when a fried dumpling isn’t delicious.

4) Pizza Diavola. This is my all-time favorite pizza. It’s basically just a cheese pizza with Italian salami, which is essentially pepperoni, except it’s not. It’s really only available in Italy and that’s awesome.

5) Tortellini al Brodo. This is weird. Tortellini in broth? I know. But I love soup and this was one of my favorite comfort meals in Italy, whether I made it at home or ordered it at a restaurant.

6) Chicken Enchiladas. Just because.

7) Bacon-Cheddar-BBQ Cheeseburger. I could possibly eat one of these three times a week. Maybe four.

8) Bread. Because when you’re having a bad day, nothing is better than stuffing yourself full of carbs. Spread with butter, covered with cheese & garlic, dipped in parmesan & olive oil, whatever.

9) French Fries. Only the breaded, extra crispy, dipped-in-bbq-sauce kind like from Spanky’s in D-town.

10) Cool Mint soft serve ice cream from Soft Stuff. An explanation for this is impossible. If you would like to try and understand, drive to Route 40 in Ellicott City and ask around.