closure, but not the end

I wanted to move to Italy for real, to start my life and live there indefinitely. However, after going back I realized that I had already spent a significant amount of time over there. And while I love everything about that country and even the most unfamiliar things have become familiar (though some never will), I realized that it wasn’t my home. And it took me going all the way over there to realize that. I love Italy and everything it has to offer, but it turned out that I was okay with turning this last adventure into an “extended vacation.”

I was also misled by the program that I received my TEFL certification from and it is actually impossible to receive work over there without legal living/working status. Because of it, I couldn’t find work anywhere and the job search didn’t quite work out.

Between the two – my realization that I love being home and the fact that I was illegal – I figured it was time to get back to Denver. I’ve been back for two weeks now and even though there are some things I miss like crazy, I am glad to be home.

I don’t regret going back by any means; I am beyond happy that I did. I was able to graduate from college and escape for a little while, spending time in a country that I love, meeting great new friends, and speaking the Italian that I love so much. I spent two weeks doing nothing other than floating around in the Mediterranean Sea. And then I followed that up by spending two more weeks in Florence, running around like I owned the place. So I’d say I’m pretty lucky (again) and I have nothing to complain about.

Two months later I returned home with a TEFL certificate in my pocket and another beautiful experience in la bella Italia. Thanks for sticking with me this time – it was shorter than expected, but I guess that’s what happens when you wing it in a foreign country.


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