la rana pazza

The other night I was out with some of our friends from Alghero, and after having spent a beautiful evening admiring the beauty of this place, we headed to the port and the old town. Impulsively, the girls decided to take a ride on “La Rana Pazza” (“The Crazy Frog”), which is one of the rides they have at the amusement park here. As it spun us around & up & down & backwards and we all screamed our heads off like little kids, I remembered how much fun it is to appreciate the little things every once in awhile. Sometimes you don’t need a lot to be happy. Some days it can be something as little as eating a gelato right before dinner, just because you can. Or floating on your back in the sea, letting the sun beat down on your face… enjoying a glass of wine because that’s what it’s there for… reading a 500 page book in two days because that seems like the best use of your time… getting overly excited over an olive at an outdoor market… Whatever it is, taking the time to recognize what makes you happy, no matter how small or insignificant, and appreciating it every once in awhile.

La Rana Pazza


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